Edisto Island, SC Charter Fishing and Tours:

edisto island fishing charters

Edisto Island, SC is a scenic and lush island that is surrounded by the North Edisto River, South Edisto River, Dawho River, and the Atlantic Ocean. Edisto Island is home to beautiful and lush landscapes teaming with wildlife. Edisto Island, SC offers a beautiful backdrop for World Class Fishing and Sightseeing Tours that will not disappoint.

Edisto Island, SC Inshore Charter Fishing

We will primarily fish the lush marsh estuaries of the waters surrounding Edisto Island such as the North Edisto River, South Edisto River, and Dawho River. We will be targeting species such as Redfish, Spotted Seatrout, Flounder, Sheepshead, Black Drum, SHARKS, Cobia(seasonal), Tarpon(seasonal), and many more. The techniques we will be using are sight fishing, the structure such as docks and oyster mounds, and fishing the tidal creeks and flats in the marsh estuaries. Both artificial and live bait can be used.

Edisto Island, SC Nearshore Charter Fishing

Fishing nearshore out of Edisto Island will send us out of the inlet and into the Atlantic Ocean.

We will typically be fishing artificial reefs ranging anywhere from 2-10 miles out. We will be targeting nearshore species such as Black Seabass, SHARKS, Spanish Mackerel(seasonal), Spadefish(seasonal), Cobia(seasonal), Tarpon(seasonal), and many more. The techniques we will be using are bottom fishing around artificial reefs, free lining live baits, and sight fishing on the top of the water column. Both live and artificial bait can be used.

Edisto Island Sightseeing, Dolphin, Shell/Shark Teeth Collecting Tours:

There is no better way to see beautiful Edisto Island, SC than by boat. Step on board for an unforgettable experience and see Edisto Island, SC from the water. See historic and beautiful Botany Bay, Seabrook Island, the historic town of Rockville, and the beautiful and lush marsh estuaries surrounding the island teaming with wildlife. Bring your camera and capture up close pictures from the water!

For the dolphin lovers, there are many dolphins that call the waters surrounding Edisto Island home. Get an up close experience of these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat as we cruise the waters around Edisto Island. Don’t forget your camera!

If combing the beach is your thing, then look no further. We will head to Botany Bay, where you can comb the beach and you can find numerous beautiful shells and shark teeth. Botany Bay is a barrier island that sits at the mouth of the Atlantic Ocean. Botany Bay offers great beach combing opportunities as well as spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean, the North Edisto River, Deveaux Bank, Edisto Island, Kiawah Island, and Seabrook Island.


Our meeting place for departure will be Steamboat Public Boat Landing. The boat landing is located on Steamboat Landing Rd. on Edisto Island, SC. The road dead ends at the boat landing.